Cavalliluce is a young and dynamic italian company, which in less than ten years has been able to create a production chain which can satisfy every request, both basic projects and important realizations.

Cavalliluce is a brand created by the working and artistic experienxce of its founder, it was born to design products which can meet the requirements of any designers. At the beginning of his history it was a small lighting firm and over the years it has turn itself into a company that makes its customer dreams come true.

Customer is not only a customer, he takes parts in the creation of his own location.

What we have decided to do is to design products which can become the representation of italian luxury.

Thanks to our works anyone can valuate the creativity and the workmanship of craftsmen, but overall anyone can understand how much we love this job.

We secure handcrafted producst, a devouted dedication and a high standard quality, but more than anything we base our working relationships on mutual trust between people.

Cavalliluce wants to be exclusively MADE IN ITALY.

It means we pay attention to each details to perform exclusive works.

Speaking about Cavalliluce and its works means to speak about a company which works are able to add to their locations an impetuos energy and a feeling of splendor.

Timeless classical works, suitable for any epoch, which confer prestige to any locations where they are placed.

Thanks to the handcrafted high-quality of lighting fixtures, furnitures, sofas anyone can clearly understand the workmanship of their manufacturers.

Looking at them it’s not strange to be touched, as they confer a feeling of uniqueness to the location where they are placed.

All Cavalliluce works are able to fill up spaces where they are positionated, they are produced on demand, adapted and personalized  to customer request.

To work with Cavalliluce, but above all to create with Cavalliluce custom-made projects, means also to be able to conform with budget requirements of customers.

Cavalliluce means sinergy between the manufacturer and the customer, to take part in the realization of  your own locations, and more than anything it means to have an exclusive product.

For all this reasons, our corporate philosophy is:


To be the tailor who create for you a customised dress.